Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've been missing....

Sorry friends, I have not posted in sooooooo long, but I have been busy beyond understanding. For starters, my husband and I went on a seven day cruise, my son graduated high school, along with 3 of my nephews and younger cousin...i have gone on a 5 day camping trip, I have had out of town guest for most of the past two months....two of my co-workers lost their mothers...i have planned, prepared for and thrown my daughters sweet sixteen birthday, and blah, blah, never ends...but, I HAVE ENJOYED MOST OF IT....I am currently preparing for my sister-in-laws baby shower but I have made time to create...i will be posting some of my latest creations later this evening...sorry again that I have been M.I.A...but hey.....SHE's BACK!

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